Buying a hoverboard for kids

Hoverheart hoverboardYou don’t necessarily need a special or small hoverboard for kids! Hoverboards are generally one size fits all. There is typically an upper limit on the maximum weight a board can hold, but there’s usually no minimum size or age specified. If a child is old enough to use the device safely, he or she can use the standard sized hoverboards.

There are videos on YouTube of babies in diapers using hoverboards! So it seems that some talented toddlers with good balance are really quick to get the hang of a self balancing electric scooter.

We’ve listed here our tips and suggestions on what to look for when buying a self balancing scooter for kids. Scroll below to read our reviews of some popular models on the market in 2017.

In summary, our top pick for active older teens is the EPIKGO Premier Series Hoverboard due to it’s off road capabilities. See our review of the EPIKGO Premier Series here. 

For kids and younger teens who’ll be using their hoverboard on sidewalks, roads and sealed surfaces, the best pick is the Hoverheart. At a quarter of the price of the EPIKGO it’s a great, affordable option that suits beginners to self balancing scooters. See our review here.


Tips for buying a hoverboard for kids and teens

  • If opting for a hands-free hoverboard for a small child to use, look for one with a lower maximum speed.
    • A maximum speed of 5 MPH is sufficient for a young child to have fun.
    • The fastest hoverboards go up to 12 MPH and they wouldn’t be recommended for very young children.
  • For older kids and teens, look for a hoverboard that’s durable and can be used on all terrains.
    • This will allow them to use it anywhere inside and outside including on grass, mud, gravel and will help get them outside and active in all weather conditions.
  • Some hoverboards have a beginners mode which limits the maximum speed.
    • Although this is designed for learning, it also gives parents a way of limiting the speed when it’s being used by a child.
  • When buying hoverboards for kids look for a model with bigger tires. This makes balance easier, makes it easier to maneuver and is more capable of handling different terrains.


What should you look for when choosing a hoverboard for children?

When we looked through reviews we had these features in mind:

  • high quality
  • high safety standards
  • beginners mode (which limits the maximum speed)
  • smaller size and lightweight (for young kids)
  • durability
  • ability to be used in all terrains, including grass and puddles
  • colorful designs
  • optional hoverboard skins for decoration
  • ease of use
  • relatively low maximum speed
  • bigger tires


Our Top Pick best hoverboard for teens

Best hoverboards for kids are robust

Buy EPIKGO Sport Hoverboard for kids from AmazonEPIKGO Premier Series Self Balancing Scooter (Hoverboard)

The EPIKGO Premier Series balance board is our first choice for kids because it’s a tough, all-terrain hoverboard. This makes it an excellent choice for adventurous kids or teens who want to use a hoverboard off-road.

An all terrain hoverboard is great for kids because you don’t have to worry about them driving through puddles, on grass, through the mud, etc. With this hoverboard, that’s all part of the fun, and not something parents are stressing over. This EPIKGO hoverboard can go over grass, dirt, mud, sand and even water (such as puddles). So you can encourage your kids to get active outside even when the weather hasn’t been that great. It has a sturdy frame and extra large chunky wheels to handle the toughest conditions.

It has all the appropriate safety certifications and a 1 year limited warranty which covers parts and labor from the manufacture.

If you really want to impress your kid (or the neighbors), it also comes in a premium model. The EPIKGO Premier Series contains extra features such as a built in BlueTooth speaker.

You can read our detailed review of the EPIKGO Premier Series here.


Our Top Pick best hoverboard for kids

Cheap Self balancing electric scooter

Buy SAGAPLAY F1 self balancing scooter for kids and teens from AmazonHoverheart Self Balancing Scooter for Kids

This is currently the best selling self balancing scooter on Amazon. While it’s not the best performing scooter, it’s the most popular purchase because it’s one of the cheapest hoverboards and provides great value for money. It makes a wonderful, and affordable gift for a child who has never had a hoverboard before.

There are 2 models:

  • the cheapest hoverboard comes in at just over $100. This is a solid option for a basic, low cost hoverboard. It’s sturdy and meets the necessary safety standards, including being UL 2272 certified and made from anti-fire material. It supports riders up to 180 lbs so is suitable for adults and kids.
  • For an extra $25 the next model up provides some extra cool features. In particular, this range comes in many novel and interesting looks. (The covers are known as hoverboard skins).

You can further compare the 2 models on the review page.


  Other suitable alternatives

SwagTron T1 electric scooter or hoverboardSWAGTRON T1 – UL 2272 Certified Electric Self-Balancing Scooter

  • Updated May 2017 – This was previously one of our top picks for younger children but appears to be hard to source at the moment. If you find it at your local store it could be a good option.

The Swagtron comes in a cheerful range of bright colors, including red, blue, pink, black and white.

This 2 wheel self-balancing scooter has a top speed of 8mph and has excelled in safety tests. It has various safety features, including LED headlights and rubber bumpers. Other features include battery indicators and two riding modes. With a 250 Watt motor and gear stabilization it has tighter control and downhill traction than many other models.

It’s sturdy design consists of a hard ABS outer body casing and aluminum wheels with rubber tires.

The brand of Swagtron was formerly known as Swagway.

Swagtron T1 specifications, features and benefits
Learning mode? Yes
Maximum weight limit 220lbs (100kg)
Minimum weight limit 44lbs (20kg)
Speed range 2-8 mph (3-12.8km/h)
Distance range Up to 7-12 miles (depending on terrain and rider)
Charging time Approximately 1 hour
Headlights Bright LED lights
Power 100-240 Volts
Battery UL2271 certified lithium battery with SentryShield
Size 23″x7″x7″
Product weight 22lbs (9.9kg)
Climbing ability 30°
Turning radius

One of the best selling models on Amazon, there are more than 500 reviews on that site with an average rating of 4 stars. See our detailed review of the Swagtron T1 hereBuy Swagtron hoverboards on Amazon

Swagtron T5 self balancing electric hoverboard

If you want to stick to a budget, this is an entry level model made by the same brand as the Top Pick above (Swagtron). It will give your child all the fun of learning to hoverboard, while giving you the peace of mind of having bought from a quality brand and without you needing to pay for any extra features.

The T5 has a beginners mode to limit the speed while learning to ride, and is UL 2272 certified for safety.

Unlike the T1, the T5 does not have a range of colors and only comes in black and white. However, as there are a wide range of really cool hoverboard skins available for both models you can easily customize the look in a style that your child would love.

The maximum speed (7 mph) and the maximum range (7 miles) are both slightly lower on this model, but still perfectly suitable for a child’s use. The maximum weight limit is also lower on this model and is suitable for riders up to 187 lbs. The T5 does not have lights.


What is a mini hoverboard?

The term hoverboard is generally used these days to refer to a self balancing electric scooter. A mini hoverboard is a small version of this. There aren’t many available on the market, because usually kids are capable of using the full sized ones anyway. The main benefits of a mini hoverboard are that it’s cheaper and lighter to carry. Many people recommend avoiding cheap models though, as they have been known to explode when the battery overheats.


What is a mini Segway?

A mini-Segway, however, is just another way of saying hoverboard or self balancing scooter. A Segway is a particular brand of self balancing scooter. It is described as a two-wheeled motorized personal vehicle with a platform for the feet and an upright post with handles to hold. A mini-Segway is just the lower part consisting of the wheels and the foot platform and does not have the upright post with handles. The term mini Segway still applies to full adult sized units and not necessarily child sized ones.


What next?

Our picks for the best hoverboard for kids cover children up to 220 lbs. If you have an older (and heavier) teen you may need to look for a sturdier option. More reviews of top rating hoverboards can be found on Amazon.