Jetson Hoverboard plus JetKart package

Jetkart and Jetson Hoverboard

The ultimate combo package: Jetson Hoverboard and JetKart

Jetson Hoverboard and Jetkart in black and greenMake your teenager’s year with this fantastic package of both a hoverboard and go kart attachment. This would make a fantastic gift for any lucky older child or grandchild, as it gives the rider 2 new toys in one – a go kart and a self balancing electronic scooter.

Recommended for kids/teens aged 13+.

Generally hover kart attachments are sold separately to hoverboards. If you get the 2 items in a combo package you won’t have the uncertainty of whether or not an attachment will fit a hoverboard bought separately.

This is a great solution for parents or grandparents who are buying a gift for a child or teenager and want to be sure the package is going to work together nicely straight out of the box. It is particularly fantastic for those teens who don’t yet have a hoverboard.

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The Jetson Hoverboard Review

Jetson Hoverboard self balancing electronic scooterThe Jetson Hoverboard V8 Sport Hoverboard comes in this package and is pure black with all terrain tires and functionality.

Use the hoverboard separately from the go kart attachment as a stand-on self-balancing electronic scooter. The rider stands on the middle section and controls the speed and direction of movement by shifting his or her body weight front, back and sideways.

The hoverboard comes assembled and with a UL-certified charger included. It takes about 2 hours to fully charge it up, then you’re ready to take your first ride!

The charging light indicates when it is fully charged and ready to go. Simply press the power button to turn on and get ready to ride!

This is a sturdy model of hoverboard, which has all terrain tires (6.5″x2″) and is water and dust resistant. It has 3 speed modes with a maximum speed of 10mph.

Extra fun

Enjoy listening to music on the go with an inbuilt Bluetooth 4.0 dynamic speaker. Download the Ride Jetson App to customize your music and ride. The hoverboard has LED lights that can sync with the music.

The battery has a 12 mile range so there’s plenty of fun to be had.

Is this a safe hoverboard?

This hoverboard is UL 2272 certified with an 4.4 Ah lithium ion battery and UL certified charger which have been tTested under the industry’s highest standards.

With speeds up to 10mph wearing a helmet is recommended, especially for beginners who are getting used to controlling the scooter through body movements.


The JetKart Attachment

To join the JetKart Attachment to the V8 Sport Hoverboard simply hook the 2 velcro straps on the kart around the hoverboard.

The JetKart extends in length from 22″ to to 45″ to adjust for bodies of all heights. (Recommended for age 13+ though as kids that are too little might struggle to control the kart safely). The back rest is also adjustable for comfort and the foot rest has been ergonomically designed too.

The JetKart attachment is compatible with ALL hoverboards from 6.5″ to 10″ in size.


Free shipping!

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This package of the Jetson Hoverboard and Jetkart is a great alternative for anyone who doesn’t yet have a hoverboard, and wants to get both a hoverboard and kart attachment at the same time. This is a super fun option recommended for teenagers aged 13+.

If you don’t need a combo package, but only need either a hoverboard or a go kart attachment check out our other reviews.

Hover KART for kids

Neon hover kart suitable for for kids

If your kids already have a hoverboard, or you want to double the fun when you get one for them, you might also be interested in the best hover kart for kids.Neon kart in blue

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What is a hover kart?

A hover kart is an attachment for a hoverboard, that transforms it into an electric go kart.

The attachment straps onto the hoverboard and provides a go kart frame with one or two more wheels, a seat and handles that control the kart’s speed and movement.

A HoverKart (all one word) is a trademarked name associated with the company HoverPowered.  There are several other brands that do a similar product, including HoovyKart, HoverSeat, dBass, Yvolution, MaxFind as well as unbranded models.

To get an idea of how it works, check out this video about the original HoverKart.

About Hover Karts

Hover karts are sold separately to hoverboards. You will need to own or buy a two wheeled hoverboard (approximately $200-$800).

Prices for the hover kart attachments vary between $50 and $150. As they’re fairly new they’re not readily available in mainstream shops. You can easily buy them online though, and Amazon has a wide variety available including several different brands.

Hover karts generally fit all the standard sized hoverboards. They may not fit super small child models of hoverboard. The models we recommend on this site are the standard size boards.

A hover kart attachment fits to your hoverboard quickly and easily using straps. It also detaches quickly anytime you want to go back to using your self balancing scooter on its own.

Two handles connect to the two halves of the board, and let you control your speed and direction. Pushing forward/backward on the handle is like leaning forward/backward when you stand on a hoverboard.


Choosing a hover kart for children

The length of hover karts can be adjusted for different sized people and usually have adjustable seat positions, frame lengths,  and handlebar angles.

Some models of hover karts are specifically designed for tall people – if you have an older teen who’s particularly tall you might go for this.

For children, these are two of the models we’d recommend. They both fit all standard sized hoverboards from 6″ to 10″.

Pink hover kart for girlsThis pink model would be perfect for girls.

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How fast is a hover kart?

A hover kart has the maximum speed of the hoverboard you use it with, but is also influenced by the rider’s height, weight and driving style. The top speed of most hoverboards, or electronic self balancing scooters, vary between about 5mph and 15mph. You can usually go faster in a hover kart than when standing on a hoverboard, because it’s easier to balance.


What’s next?

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