Cheapest hoverboard for kids – Hoverheart review

Hoverheart electric scooter

The cheapest hoverboards for kids start at just over $100.

The Hoverheart is the leader in low cost hoverboards and here we review and compare 2 of their cheapest and best selling models. They’re made by a USA based company with quality manufacturing, providing good value for their low price.

Hoverheart self balancing electric scooters

The cheapest hoverboard for kids

cheapest hoverboard for kidsAt $109 with free shipping, this is the cheapest hoverboard on Amazon.


  • This is a solid option for a basic, low cost hoverboard. It’s sturdy and meets the necessary safety standards, including being UL 2272 certified and made from anti-fire material.
  • Supports riders up to 180 lbs. Suitable for adults and kids.
  • The LED light up flash wheels provide a bit of flair and novelty.
  • Available in 7 colors – black, blue, green, pink, purple, red, & white.
  • It has a maximum speed of 10 MP.
  • The 4a battery provides a range of 6-8 miles of use in one charge. (This will depend on the the road condition, the user’s weight.) Charging time is approximately 2-3 hours.


  • The 7 color options are all solid colors which look a bit plain compared to some other models.


The next model up – what you get for an extra $25…

Hoverheart hoverboardFor a small price jump, you can get the next model up in Hoverheart’s range, with several extra features. This is the #1 best seller hoverboard on Amazon because it provides such great value at a low price.

This model comes in 17 different styles of decoration (known as hoverboard skins). These skins are really distinctive and unique and come in styles to suit both girls and boys.

Some of the interesting patterns include a super hero comic look, rainbows, space, monster party, unicorn and candy land themes. There are also solid color chrome styles in gold, green, pink, purple, rose gold, titanium, turquoise.

Cheap Self balancing electric scooterWe’ve pictured a few of the patterns here, but I’d recommend having a browse through the full range of patterns on this page.

Other features of this model include:

  • front LED lights and
  • an automatic connecting bluetooth speaker so your kids can have extra fun listening to their music while they ride.

Otherwise, this model has the same specifications as the cheaper model:

  • Supports riders up to 180 lbs so also suitable for adults as well as the children.
  • Meets required safety standards, including being UL 2272 certified.
  • The LED light up flash wheels provide a bit of flair and novelty. (Note this model also has additional front lights, whereas the basic model only has flash lights on the wheels.)
  • It has a maximum speed of 10 MP.
  • The 4a / 36V battery provides a range of 6-8 miles of use in one charge. (This will depend on the the road condition, the user’s weight.) Charging time is approximately 2-3 hours.

Cheap hoverboard by hoverheartSummary

The cheapest hoverboards for kids start at just over $100 and provides a good basic option that is safe and fun.  For an extra $25 you can boost the fun factor and have a great looking hoverboard skin and an inbuilt BlueTooth speaker. This would make an excellent Christmas gift for girls or boys.

Jetson Hoverboard plus JetKart package

Jetkart and Jetson Hoverboard

The ultimate combo package: Jetson Hoverboard and JetKart

Jetson Hoverboard and Jetkart in black and greenMake your teenager’s year with this fantastic package of both a hoverboard and go kart attachment. This would make a fantastic gift for any lucky older child or grandchild, as it gives the rider 2 new toys in one – a go kart and a self balancing electronic scooter.

Recommended for kids/teens aged 13+.

Generally hover kart attachments are sold separately to hoverboards. If you get the 2 items in a combo package you won’t have the uncertainty of whether or not an attachment will fit a hoverboard bought separately.

This is a great solution for parents or grandparents who are buying a gift for a child or teenager and want to be sure the package is going to work together nicely straight out of the box. It is particularly fantastic for those teens who don’t yet have a hoverboard.

Buy te Jetson hobverboard and jetkart combo from Amazon


The Jetson Hoverboard Review

Jetson Hoverboard self balancing electronic scooterThe Jetson Hoverboard V8 Sport Hoverboard comes in this package and is pure black with all terrain tires and functionality.

Use the hoverboard separately from the go kart attachment as a stand-on self-balancing electronic scooter. The rider stands on the middle section and controls the speed and direction of movement by shifting his or her body weight front, back and sideways.

The hoverboard comes assembled and with a UL-certified charger included. It takes about 2 hours to fully charge it up, then you’re ready to take your first ride!

The charging light indicates when it is fully charged and ready to go. Simply press the power button to turn on and get ready to ride!

This is a sturdy model of hoverboard, which has all terrain tires (6.5″x2″) and is water and dust resistant. It has 3 speed modes with a maximum speed of 10mph.

Extra fun

Enjoy listening to music on the go with an inbuilt Bluetooth 4.0 dynamic speaker. Download the Ride Jetson App to customize your music and ride. The hoverboard has LED lights that can sync with the music.

The battery has a 12 mile range so there’s plenty of fun to be had.

Is this a safe hoverboard?

This hoverboard is UL 2272 certified with an 4.4 Ah lithium ion battery and UL certified charger which have been tTested under the industry’s highest standards.

With speeds up to 10mph wearing a helmet is recommended, especially for beginners who are getting used to controlling the scooter through body movements.


The JetKart Attachment

To join the JetKart Attachment to the V8 Sport Hoverboard simply hook the 2 velcro straps on the kart around the hoverboard.

The JetKart extends in length from 22″ to to 45″ to adjust for bodies of all heights. (Recommended for age 13+ though as kids that are too little might struggle to control the kart safely). The back rest is also adjustable for comfort and the foot rest has been ergonomically designed too.

The JetKart attachment is compatible with ALL hoverboards from 6.5″ to 10″ in size.


Free shipping!

The Jetson hoverboard and Jetkart combo is available on Amazon with free shipping. Buy te Jetson hobverboard and jetkart combo from Amazon



This package of the Jetson Hoverboard and Jetkart is a great alternative for anyone who doesn’t yet have a hoverboard, and wants to get both a hoverboard and kart attachment at the same time. This is a super fun option recommended for teenagers aged 13+.

If you don’t need a combo package, but only need either a hoverboard or a go kart attachment check out our other reviews.

EPIKGO Premier Self Balancing Scooter Review

Epikgo sport hoverboard in spece gray

Epikgo premier hoverboard

Buy EPIKGO Sport hoverboard from Amazon.comSummary:

The EPIKGO Premier balance board is a tough, all-terrain board making it an excellent choice for adventurous kids or teens who want to use a hoverboard off-road. It is 2x more powerful and 30% larger than its competitors, making this a top of the line option.

Key points:

  • All-terrain hoverboard. Travel anywhere, including over grass, dirt, mud, sand and water.
  • 8.5” racing wheels with performance level tires for a faster, smoother ride. The wheels are 30% bigger than the leading competitor.
  • The powerful 400W dual-motor allows this hoverboard to climb steeper slopes than other boards, as steep as 18 degree incline.
  • UL2271 Certified for safety
  • The EPIKGO Sport PLUS model contains extra features such as BlueTooth. (Scroll to end for more detail.)


  • Ability to go off-road and over all terrains.
  • Has appropriate safety certifications.
  • Wireless speaker
  • 1 year limited warranty covers parts and labor from the manufacture.


  • Significantly more expensive than standard hoverboards.
  • Bulkier and heavier than standard hoverboards due to its bigger, tougher, durable design.
  • Does not have a beginners mode, so not the best option for young children first learning to use a self balancing scooter.

Buy EPIKGO Sport hoverboard from Amazon.comAbout EPIKGO

The EPIKGO creative team is based in Silicon Valley. They have designed a range of hoverboards which aim to be EPIC. (Hence their name…) They are the first generation of self-balancing electric scooters that work well in different terrains. They have taken the basic idea of the original hoverboards, and amped them up for more impressive results and greater adventures.

These boards are a level above typical hoverboards on the market, and have a higher level of quality all round.  EPIKGO aim to be the new leader in the self-balancing scooter industry. Top quality of safety is a minimum, but they also want to be the leaders in developing scooters that CAN DO MORE than their competitors. EpicGo scooters are more rugged, durable, and powerful so you can take them where other scooters can’t go. With an EpikGo Skooter you can cover all sorts of terrain, including grass, dirt, sand and water.


The EPIKGO Premier series

The EPIKGO Premier has alloy wheels for a superior performance and extra toughness. Its streamlined racing tires create a faster, smoother ride, by transferring more power from the board to the ground… giving you more speed. It is up to 80% faster than competitors.

Its powerful, dual 400-Watt motors can take you on all sorts of off-road adventures, including over grass, sand, mud, water and more! It is IP56 certified for water resistance so your children and teens can still take it outside for fun when it’s wet and muddy outside.

Its battery lasts over 1 hour and covers a 10mile range on a single charge, making it the most powerful balance board on the market. The green battery indicator light lets you know how much charge it has left. While the battery is capable of letting you go full speed for one hour at 10mph, in reality most people won’t be doing that. With frequent stopping and starting and lower speeds the battery is likely to last you much longer. You’ll probably get a few hours of fun in between charges.

EPIKGO Premier: specifications, features and benefits
Maximum weight limit 196 lbs
Speed range  Up to 10mph
Distance range  10 mile (depending on terrain and rider)
Charging time Approximately 2 hours
LED headlights  Yes
Power Dual 400 watt motor
Battery UL2271 Certified LG Smart Battery
Size 27.5″x8.7″x9.1″
Product weight 31lbs (14kg)
Climbing ability 15°

Buy EPIKGO Sport hoverboard from Amazon.comSafety

The EPIKGO scooters are UL 2272 Certified, showing they have the highest standard in regards to safety. They use UL2271 Certified LG Smart batteries. This should reassure buyers that overheating, fire, short circuiting and other electrical hazards are not a concern.

As with any other hoverboard, it is recommended that users wear appropriate safety gear.


The EPIKGO Premier Self Balancing Scooter is a top of the line model for experienced hoverboarders. With excellent power and durability this board will take users over all terrains. If you can afford the best, this is it, but the price tag is high.





SwagTron T1 Electric Self-Balancing Scooter Review

SwagTron T1 electric scooter or hoverboard

SwagTron T1 electric scooter or hoverboardOverview:

The SwagTron T1 self balancing electric scooter is an excellent choice for safety conscious parents who want a hoverboard for kids. SwagTron was the first brand to have the UL2272  safety certification for its electrical safety and is the only brand to use the UL 2271 safety certified SentryShield battery pack.

While the T1 is not the fastest or most powerful model on the market, it has a good speed that is enough for kids to have plenty of fun. Its price is quite reasonable as you’re not paying for extra bells and whistles available on the more expensive models (such as Bluetooth speakers).

Buy SwagTron T1 hoverboard from

Detailed Review of the SwagTron T1 Hoverboard

Safety first

If you’re looking for a hoverboard for kids, then safety is probably high on your priorities. Every parent wants to do their best at keeping their child safe while they’re out having fun. Safety is where the SwagTron T1 stands out.

UL-2272 safety certification

A few years ago, when hoverboards were first around, there were some incidents of fire happening due to the utilization of cheap materials in making hoverboards. In response, the Underwriter’s Laboratory designed a rigorous and comprehensive certification, the UL 2272, for self-balancing electric scooters (hoverboards). The certification was first introduced in 2016. The Underwriter’s Laboratory is a completely independent safety standards company. It’s the number one safety and top quality certification agency in the United States.

SwagTron (formerly known as Swagway) ensures their scooters are approved with the UL 2272 electrical certificate. In fact, they were the first brand to have the UL2272 safety certification in their hoverboards.  SwagTron was also the first brand to introduce a UL 2271 certified sentry protect battery into hoverboards. This has given the brand its trusted fan base and loyal clients who know that they are buying from a company that takes quality and safety seriously.

Other safety features

UL certification doesn’t protect against poor driving of the scooter, or hazards like traffic of course! So it’s still important that children (or adults!) learn to use the scooter competently before going out near roads or other dangers. It’s also important that children wear appropriate safety gear. Fortunately the T1 has a learning mode which limits its speed while users learn to balance and control it well.

The advanced systems installed inside the Swagtron T1 hoverboard will help riders to start and stop smoothly once they’ve learned to use properly. This helps to avoid accidents and injuries.

The T1 is equipped with the latest electric battery management system that screens temperature, voltage variances and battery overcharging and also shields the device against short brake lines. The fabric used for the construction of the hoverboard is incombustible.  The T1 also includes a nonslip foot pad that allows safe riding. Its features make it one of the most secure hoverboards available in the market today.


The SwagTron T1

The T1 is SwagTron’s most popular model right now. What makes it so popular compared to other models of hoverboard is the blend of design, low price, and good specifications.

It gives a smooth ride and is very easy to use. This is due to the two different user modes you can use.

The SwagTron T1 is a great beginners kids scooter. Particularly because of the learner mode, but also because it offers a smooth and stable ride experience. The dynamic equilibrium based technology gives balance to the scooter’s self-balancing system.

This hoverboard also comes with battery signals, so kids can tell when they need to head back in to recharge. (Sorry… no way to convince them to be home in time for dinner… that’s still up to you!)

As a bonus, this electronic scooter gets a tick from the environmentally conscious – as it has zero emissions.


The Swagtron T1 is designed with a high quality hard body which makes it scratch resistant. It has a nonslip foot pad that allows safe riding. The foot pad is made from the nonflammable material. The wheels are manufactured from aluminum to provide better grip.

Buy SwagTron T1 hoverboard from Amazon.comIt comes in 6 colors:

  • Blue
  • Pink
  • Black
  • Yellow
  • White
  • Red


The Swagtron T1 hoverboard has a turning radius of 0° and ascends gradient of 30°. It has a decent speed of 8 mph and a distance of about 11 miles.

The hoverboard is made from proprietary polycarbonate which makes it strong and light. It’s also incombustible!

The Swagtron T1 is equipped with LED headlights. These energy efficient LED lamps illuminate the path adequately if you would like take it out for a “spin” at night.

Swagtron T1 specifications, features and benefits
Learning mode? Yes
Maximum weight limit 220lbs (100kg)
Minimum weight limit 44lbs (20kg)
Speed range 2-8 mph (3-12.8km/h)
Distance range Up to 7-12 miles (depending on terrain and rider)
Charging time Approximately 1 hour
Headlights Bright LED lights
Power 100-240 Volts
Battery UL2271 certified lithium battery with SentryShield
Size 23″x7″x7″
Product weight 22lbs (9.9kg)
Climbing ability 30°
Turning radius


The Swagtron T1 hoverboard (or self balancing electric scooter) is ideal for kids and adults as well. It is easy to handle and offers state of the art safety features. It provides a moderately paced ride that is smooth and has good control. If you’re looking for something in a different budget, SwagTron makes several models of electric scooter including the more expensive T3 and the cheaper T5. See more about these models of hoverboards here.

Buy SwagTron T1 hoverboard from