How to choose a safe self balancing scooter

Self balancing scooter

A safe self balancing scooter is certifiedSelf balancing scooters, or hoverboards as they’re commonly known, are a very popular toy recently but do come with some obvious dangers.

With nothing to hold on to and no rails, falls are a definite possibility!

What should you look for when choosing a safe self-balancing scooter for kids?

Electrical safety

Earlier models of hoverboards had some issues with their batteries overheating. This has generally been addressed now, but to confirm that you are getting a safe model, look for one that has passed electrical safety standards. The hoverboard itself should be UL 2272 Certified, and the batteries that they use should be UL2271 Certified. This should reassure buyers that overheating, fire, short circuiting and other electrical hazards are not a concern.


Look for a quality product made of durable materials. If you (or your kid) are likely to use it off-road get a model that’s designed for all terrains. Some models can go on dirt, mud, sand and puddles. Getting one of these takes the stress out of worrying that you’ll ruin your hoverboard by getting it dirty.

If you have a hoverboard that’s less durable, you can boost this a bit by using a hoverboard skin. You can get some skins with a bit of cushioning in them to provide a buffer for when your over zealous child bumps into something.


If the hoverboard is going to be used by a young child, then get one that only has a moderate top speed.


LED headlights can help provide extra visibility.

A bright color (in the scooter itself, in it’s wheels, or on a hoverboard skin) can also help to provide good visibility.

Safety gear

It is common sense to ensure a child wears safety gear while using an electronic scooter. Helmets, knee guards and wrist guards are all recommended as it’s common for falls to occur.

Learners mode

Some self balancing scooters come with a learners mode which limits the top speed. This can be a safe way to learn, or can be a way of always limiting the speed for use by children.


Setting ground rules for safety

You may also like to set some ground rules on when and where the scooter can be used. Make sure it’s in a safe area away from traffic, people, fragile objects and other hazards and dangers.


What next?

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