Hoverboard safety gear – helmets, wrist guards and knee guards

At a minimum, I’d recommend hoverboard safety gear for kids includes a helmet, wrist guards and knee guards. Elbow guards are commonly used too, and many parents find padded pants are a valuable investment.

It comes with the territory that physical activities like hoverboarding, skating and roller blading involve the occasional fall. This is great. Yes, really!


It's a valuable life lesson for kids to learn that the path to success involves falling and getting back up again. As parents, we don't want to stop them from falling. We just want to protect them from serious injury when they do it.

Find the right safety gear to protect your kids so they can enjoy the fun of being outside and active.

Read below for our top picks for recommended hoverboard safety gear.


Top pick – Helmets for kids and teens

Buy Razor V-17 Youth Multi-Sport Helmet for hoverboards in blue

Buy Razor V-17 Youth Multi-Sport Helmet for hoverboards in pink

Buy Razor V-17 Youth Multi-Sport Helmet for Hoverboarding for kids and teens

Razor V-17 Youth Multi-Sport Helmet

This is a very popular model of helmet for youths aged 8 to 14.

They are versatile in their use, and can be used for any activity requiring protective headgear… including hoverboarding, roller skating, biking or skateboarding.

This helmet is specifically designed with youths in mind. Not only is it made to fit their small head sizes, but also to fit their sense of fashion! It comes in a wide range of more than 10 different colors and patterns, making it easy to find one that will suit your child or teens style.

It has ergonomic interior padding that is comfortable and secure. Different thicknesses of padding allow the helmet to be adjusted for different head sizes. The side release buckles allow it to fasten quickly and to tighten as required. 17 top and side vents help rider keep a cool head on hot days.

Complies with CPSC safety standards to provide security and protection for your child’s head.

Fits head sizes 21.5 to 23 inches; for ages 8 to 14.


Looking for a different helmet…

There are many other styles of helmets available on Amazon. Click through here to browse through their options. Find more helmets for kids on Amazon.


Top pick – Wrist pads, knee pads and elbow pads

Buy Kid's Knee Elbow Wrist Protective Pads for Skating and Hoverboarding (6 Piece set)

Kid’s Knee Elbow Wrist Protective Pads for Skating and Hoverboarding (6 Piece set)

The small size of these are suitable for children. The adjustable straps allow them to be adjusted for different sizes.

We like this set because it includes wrist pads, elbow pads and knee pads.

Available in red or green.
Material : ABS


Find more knee guards and wrist guards for kids on Amazon.


Other safety gear for hoverboards

 Buy from Amazon Unisex Sports Protection Body Armour Skiing Support Safty Guard Pants SRD004

Unisex Sports Protection Body Armour Pants SRD004

Some kids are tough… They pick themselves right up after a fall and try again without batting an eyelid.

Others… are a little more sensitive. And fair enough. When I fall on my backside I wish for a bit more cushioning there too!

These cushioned pants take it to the next level for those who really want to protect themselves when on a hoverboard, self balancing electric skate board, roller skates or blades. They provide strategically positioned padding with 2.5cm EVA, strengthened protection to keep you from injury during falls.

Made of a high quality, breathable, mesh fabric, they are absorbent, soft and comfortable. They are lightweight and designed to be worn underneath your regular shorts.

They come in several sizes and have an adjustable elastic waistband to ensure the right fit. The sizes are based on waistline measurements:

  • XS 40-52cm;
  • S 52-64cm;
  • M 64-73cm;
  • L 74-85cm;
  • XL 85-94cm;
  • XXL 94-106cm